Your personal life coach


Our shared coaching agreement helping you and your life coach to establish a high quality professional coaching relationship.

Both coachee and your life coach will:


  • Attend the session on time and ready to engage.

  • Make contact beforehand if unable to attend the session.

  • Except in special circumstances 48 hours’ notice will be given to rearrange the appointment.

  • Value and show respect for one another; verbally, physically and emotionally.

  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of the session (unless there is an indication someone is at a risk of harm).


Not following these guidelines could result in the service being withdrawn.


In addition to this your life coach will practice in accordance with the Association for Coaching Global Code of Ethics.

Why do we have a coaching agreement?

Although we do not usually ask coachees to sign an agreement, our standard agreement is signposted here to provide clarity and is designed:

confidential appointments

To provide a sense of security that you can know what to expect

the life garage

To establish the quality of coaching we expect to provide

highly qualified experienced life coach

To allow you to have confidence that what you discuss will not be unnecessarily shared

highly qualified experienced life coach

To establish the boundaries of good professional practice


If you are concerned about anything relating to your coaching with your life coach we would ask you to get in touch. You can do this:


  • Through raising your concern with your life coach at your next appointment.
  • Through getting in touch via email, phone or using our contact form.


We are always keen to listen and will take any comments you have as an opportunity to grow.