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Our induction, premium, standard and express life coaching sessions are all delivered on a one-to-one basis. Your starting point is a thirty minute induction session.

Initial Life Coaching Induction Appointment

The starting point in your journey with your life coach. Between 30 and 60 minutes reviewing where you are now and considering where you would like to be. The perfect introduction to life coaching anf your life coach.

Cost £35

Premium Life Coaching Appointment

A full hour to explore and plan your route forward. Our most comprehensive option for ongoing coaching appointments.

Cost £50

Standard Life Coaching Appointment

For those who have already made good progress on their journey. A popular option with 30 minutes to review and continue to navigate your route forward.

Cost £30

Express Coaching Appointment

If you are well on track and just need to check in this brief focused coaching session will help you review your progress and make small adjustments.

Cost £15

Single Session Coaching

A great option when there is something specific you want to focus on as a one-off experience. For more information, see below.

Cost £60

One-to-one Life Garage Training Sessions - Coming soon

Our exclusive one-to-one tutored sessions on a variety of wellbeing topics.

Cost £50

Coming soon

Book your coaching package deal

We now offer the opportunity for you to purchase a variety of packages providing great value for money. 

confidential appointments

To provide a sense of security that you can know what to expect

the life garage

To establish the quality of coaching we expect to provide

highly qualified experienced life coach

To allow you to have confidence that what you discuss will not be unnecessarily shared

highly qualified experienced life coach

To establish the boundaries of good professional practice


If you have a specific issue you would like to consider as a one-off experience we now offer our single session coaching package. This comprises:


  • An exploratory survey to complete prior to your appointment.
  • A focused Premium Life Coaching Appointment informed by your survey.
  • A follow up email check-in to review progress.

Your life coach would suggest booking your appointment far enough in advance for you to complete your exploratory survey a week ahead of your appointment.

Cost: £60